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Von der Leyen estimates the sanctions he is preparing against Russia at US$ 11.7 billion

Von der Leyen estimates the sanctions he is preparing against Russia at US$ 11.7 billion

The president of the European Comission (EC), Ursula von der Leyensaid this Wednesday that the tenth package of sanctions against Russia that European Union (EU) wants to approve coinciding with the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine will be worth 11 billion euros (US$11.7 billion).

The sanctions that the EU is discussing include restrictions on the export of “multiple electronic components” needed in Russia’s weapon systems, such as drones, missiles and helicopters.

The EC has also proposed sanctioning the Iranian companies linked to the Revolutionary Guard that manufacture the drones that Tehran is giving to Moscow to bomb Ukraine.

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“It is our duty to punish them”assured Von der Leyen in a speech in the European Parliament on the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, which will take place on February 24.

This new package also foresees, as EFE was able to learn, including some 140 individuals -among others, the military and those responsible for the crimes being committed in Ukraine- and some thirty Russian companies on the list of sanctions.

The ambassadors of the Twenty-seven before the EU They will discuss again today in Brussels the new sanctions, which the European Commission has been discussing with the Member States for weeks.

(Russian President Vladimir) “Putin thought it would be easy to blackmail Europe, given our dependence on Russian oil and gas. But he was wrong about that too ”, said Von der Leyen who added that “he has already lost the energy war that he started.”

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According to the president of the Commission, the income that Russia obtains from the sale has been reduced by two thirds and the cap on the price of oil that the EU has agreed with the G7 countries means that Moscow loses 160 million daily income.

On the contrary, Von der Leyen recalled that Brussels has raised this week the growth forecast for the euro area and the EUup to 0.9% and 0.8% respectively, while “The Kremlin has to sell gold reserves to plug the holes left by the lack of oil revenue.”

Source: EFE

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