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The Taliban will allow the evacuation of Americans and Afghans at risk beyond August 31

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blink, has announced that the Taliban have reversed the evacuation in their ultimatum and will now allow, it has said, that Americans and Afghans at risk may continue to be evacuated from Afghanistan beyond August 31. As explained by the head of diplomacy of the Biden Administration, there are still about 1,5000 Americans to be evacuated, waiting in Kabul for it.

Blinken has put the total number of evacuees from the Afghan capital at 82,300 since the arrival of the Taliban on August 15. “Let me be very clear on this: there is no deadline for our work to help the remaining American citizens and the many Afghans who have supported us over these many years who want to leave and I have not been able to do so. That effort will continue every day after August 31 ”, he indicated.

According to the US leader, the Taliban have offered guarantees “in public and in private” to allow the safe passage of Americans and Afghans at risk who seek to leave Afghanistan. “People who want to leave Afghanistan after the US Army has left should be able to do so. Together, we will do everything possible to meet expectations, “he added.

In his press appearance on Wednesday, Blinken confirmed that the US maintains “direct contact” with 500 of these possible Americans, who have received “specific instructions on how to get to the airport safely”, but the rest are still untraceable. “We are trying to communicate with them several times a day through multiple communication channels,” said the Secretary of State at the press conference, picked up by the US media.

These figures are significantly lower than those declared hours before by sources from the US Congress to the chain CNN and the estimated 4,100 US citizens are still trying to leave Afghanistan.

In addition, and as the president of the United States, Joe Biden, noted yesterday, Blinken recalled that the US forces working at the Kabul airport are exposed to a possible attack by the Afghan section Khorasan of the terrorist organization Islamic State.

“We are operating in a hostile environment in a city and country now controlled by the Taliban with the very real possibility of an attack by Islamic State – J,” the Secretary of State has warned.

In the question session that followed, Blinken acknowledged once again that the United States maintains contact with the Taliban because “like it or not, they are in control of the country” and “it is important to work” with the movement to facilitate evacuations.

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