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“God forgive me, I need a day of peace”: daughter killed her sick mother and left a terrifying message on Facebook

There is no talk of anything else in the town of Capilla del Monte, in Córdoba, Argentina, other than the matricide registered on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

It hurts the fact that a daughter, Celeste Rodríguez, has killed her sick mother for about two years.

In this drama, which is reported by the Argentine press, the messages that Celeste, 30, had been writing in Facebook about the situation he was living in and which he decided to put an end to in the worst way.

María Rosa Ravetti lived with Celeste, who described in her impressive texts that her mother’s health condition made her look at 59 years old as if she were two.

Ravetti’s days and nights passed while she was reduced to a bed. The victim’s other son left the house “months ago” and the father of Celeste’s two girls appeared every two weeks.

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He suffocated her, he told police

The situation faced by the woman, as C5N reviews, citing her posts on Facebook, was overcome and she did not know or have support for her reality to change a bit. She was overwhelmed and “tired of asking for help.”

To end the life of her mother, “Celeste suffocated her with a pillow,” Clarín published on Thursday, February 2, 2023. That outlet added that once the fatal action was committed, she called the Police to confess to the matricide.

“I hope my daughters are well”

Once the dramatic case was known, texts attributed to Celeste Rodríguez, uploaded to her Facebook account, came to light. In addition, one was disclosed that she would have left after taking the life of her mother.

In that message, which C5N cites, it is precise: “Good. I asked a long time for help. Nobody helped me. Nobody answered. I hope my daughters are okay. God forgive me”.

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“I need to rest”

In her networks, Celeste left “signs” that unfortunately are known in the midst of this painful situation that has no turning back. She would have written the following days before:

“I am so tired. Mentally and physically. Not being able to live normally, take care of my daughters. My old woman is a thousand sick because is worse than a 2 year old. My brother who washed his hands of it and went to the city months ago. The father of my daughters who sees them every 15 days or maybe more”.

People promise to help me with my mom and yet I’m still alone. (…) I’m going to have a stroke, I try to be strong for my daughters but I don’t give more and no one helps me. Because m… I have to take care of her alone when she has my brother and the family that raised her,” she added.

I am a mother, father, daughter, nurse, employed girlfriend, housewife. I do not give more

“Everyone wash their hands and they leave everything to me. And yes I am strong, but I get tired. I need to rest. Tired of promises that are not kept. What I do? Do I give up my life again for someone who didn’t take care of me? If this is living, then I no longer want to”.

I need a day of peace

He matricide draws the attention of the southern country and is a clarion call for all of how serious the affectation of the mental health, to which the WHO asks to attend with priority.


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