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The Taliban farce: they set fire to an amusement park after broadcasting a video using bumper cars

The farce taliban begins to fall apart. Not even three days have passed since the Taliban spokesman showed in Acceptance a kind face and say they were going to form a respectful government. That same day, the Taliban themselves posted an endearing video on social networks in which several of them were seen having fun in bumper cars. They seemed to have healthy fun celebrating their victory. Nothing in those videos seemed to indicate that they were violent or that they were going to massacre anyone who did not respect their authority. Now, five days after entering the capital of Afghanistan, a video has been posted on social networks showing an amusement park completely devastated by flames: it was the Taliban.

This is the Bokhdi amusement park in the town of Begha, Sheberghan. And according to the Taliban themselves, they have set it on fire because inside there were statues and “idols” contrary to Islam.

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