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Samsung upgrades cameras and batteries in iPhone’s biggest rival

Samsung upgrades cameras and batteries in iPhone’s biggest rival

In its first in-person media event since the start of the pandemic, South Korea’s largest company unveiled three new phones in San Francisco, priced the same as last year: $799, $999 and $1,199. Samsung’s Galaxy S series remains the direct competition of Apple Inc. in the United States.

The S23 Ultra, Samsung’s new high-end model with a 6.8-inch screen, is made from more durable materials and features a 200-megapixel camera, an improvement from the previous 108-megapixel.

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The camera also achieves steadier videos and the phone’s design has new curves at the edges. Qualcomm Inc.’s latest Snapdragon Gen 2 processor powers the device, and Samsung promises better battery life with the help of dynamic display adjustments.

Samsung is looking to bounce back from a difficult year for smartphone makers, which culminated in the worst quarterly drop in records.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen and a 200-megapixel camera. (Photo: Bloomberg)

In addition to competing with Apple, the world’s most prolific handset maker has to contend with a host of rapidly improving rivals, including Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Xiaomi Corp., as well as Oppo Mobile and its OnePlus brand. Even so, Samsung’s new models mark only marginal improvements over last year.

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Samsung has simplified its storage tiers and colors for the new models. The S23 continues with 128GB and 256GB storage options, while the S23+ will drop the bottom storage tier and only come in 256GB and 512GB configurations. The S23 Ultra continues with a 1 terabyte option.

All three models now also come in the same colors: black, cream, green, and lavender. The phones can be pre-ordered starting Wednesday and will start arriving on February 17, Samsung said.

The tech giant also introduced updates to its line of computers and introduced its first Ultra-branded laptop.

The high-end device will have a 16-inch screen with OLED technology and 3K resolution. The company also brought upgrades to Intel Corp. processors, more memory and upgraded batteries to its existing laptops.

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