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Boric on complaints from Peru: “We deeply respect its institutionality”

Boric on complaints from Peru: “We deeply respect its institutionality”

President gabriel boric stated this Thursday that Chili respect”profoundly the institutionality of the Peru and reaffirmed his concern for the “violation of human rights” in the demonstrations that take place in that country.

The Chilean president was consulted by the local press about the inconvenience generated by his statements in the framework of the Celac summit in Buenos Aires, where he stated that the demonstrations in Peru “they end up shot by whoever should defend them.”

Boric’s statements annoyed the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, which accused him of having expressed “disrespectfully”About President Dina Boluarte, whose resignation has been demanded by protesters for six weeks with mobilizations that have left 46 dead.

“We deeply respect the institutions of Peru and the institutional mechanisms of Peru and what I have done in particular in Celac, within a framework of respect, is to express our concern for the violation of human rights and for the death of more than 50 people to date in the framework of the protests that have been carried out in Peru”Boric said in a statement to the press.

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The leftist president affirmed that his government defends human rights regardless of “The political color of the government in power that violates them.”

“We will raise our voices, be it in Chile or abroad; in countries where the left, the right or the center governs”added the president.

Likewise, the president expressed that he will maintain his defense of human rights “in international matters making ourselves available as we have always done so that through multilateral instances respecting the sovereign will we can find ways of a peaceful solution”.

“I have peace of mind that both as president and as a deputy I have maintained a single standard on the matter (…) I want to be very clear, human rights are a civilizing advance and the political color of the government on duty that violates them does not matter”he concluded.

With information from AFP and EFE

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