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“We never had the intention of doing something like this”, the apology of the rugby players who murdered a young man in Argentina

“We never had the intention of doing something like this”, the apology of the rugby players who murdered a young man in Argentina

Three years ago an act of violence surprised millions of Argentines, now the case is about to come to an end. On February 6, eight young people will hear the sentence in the case that was opened for the death of Fernando Báez, 18 years old.

The event occurred at dawn on January 18, 2020, in Villa Gessel, a coastal town in Argentina. Inside a nightclub, two groups of young people argued and began to fight, but the incident did not reach the majors and was controlled by the security of the place, who withdrew both groups from the place.

Around 4 in the morning, Báez sat with other friends in front of the disco, taking one side when he was attacked from behind by two young men from the other group, called the rugbiers for the sport they practiced. A total of eight people participated in the attack and one of them kicked Báez in the head, which left a shoe print.

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After the fact, the rugbiers went to the place where they were staying and then to eat at a fast food restaurant, which was recorded on security cameras. Around 10:30 a.m. they were detained by the police.

From there the cause began and they are currently in pretrial detention. Now the trial is about to conclude and this week the allegations and evidence that incriminated them were presented. Prosecutors have requested life imprisonment for eight implicated for being co-authors of the crime of doubly aggravated homicide for treachery and premeditated contest.

The accused of the fact are Máximo Thomsen (23 years old), Enzo Comelli (22), Matías Benicelli (23), Blas Cinalli (21), Ayrton Viollaz (23), the brothers Luciano (21) and Ciro (22) Pertossi, and his cousin Lucas (23).

The lawyers for the Báez Sosa family agreed with the prosecutor’s request.

“It is enough and more than enough to sentence the defendants to life imprisonment,” argued the lawyer Fernando Burlando.

According to the complaint, Báez Sosa was attacked “from behind, taking advantage of his defenselessness and without risk to the herd.”

“They killed to kill. It really is inexplicable. They didn’t care who. His plan was to take it as a trophy. The synchronized coordination of actions allowed them to build an insurmountable wall,” said Burlando.

The rugbiers’ lawyer instead requested an acquittal because “the alleged facts do not coincide with the accusation.”

In his last statement, Thomsen, who beat Báez unconscious, asked the young man’s family for forgiveness and even cried. “We never intended to do something like this. I am very sorry,” he added.

The others involved also apologized and said they did not mean to kill anyone.

Baez’s parents rejected the apology request. Her mother, Gabriela Sosa, said that she was indifferent to hearing the apology.

“No one looked me in the face, they killed my son,” Argentine media reported.

On the other hand, Fernando’s father considered that the final interpretation of those involved was acted on. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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