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The “strange disappearances” in Mexico date back 12 years: The case of Paulette Gebara, the girl who was lost at home and was found dead 9 days later under the mattress of her bed

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The case of Paulette Gebara, a four-year-old girl who disappeared on March 22, 2010 from her own bed and was found in the same place nine days later, represents one of the most remembered mistakes made by the Mexican authorities. And after the recent disappearances and deaths of women, such as Debanhi Escobar, the case that caused consternation in that country is remembered.

The event occurred in Huixquilucan, and has its own series on Netflix. Due to Paulette’s death, there were no arrests and everything was left as an “accident”, according to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, headed by Alberto Bazbaz, who resigned a few days after losing “credibility and trust” of the people.

The case of the young woman from Nuevo León and this one, 12 years old, are similar in the appearance of the corpses, since they were “found by the authorities” in the same places where they carried out several checks.

Paulette case: 5 keys to the disappearance of the Mexican girl found dead in 2010 and whose story revives Netflix

This was the story of the girl who was found dead under her mattress

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After dressing in her pajamas and receiving a good night kiss, Paulette went to sleep in her bed, but to the surprise of the family, they did not see her again until nine days later, when she was found dead between the mattress and the bed. base.

Gebara’s nanny, Erika Casimiro, was the one who noticed that the girl was not in her room when she went to wake her up to go to school. She alerted her parents, Mauricio Gebara and Lizette Farah, and together they went looking for her in a condominium in the exclusive Interlomas neighborhood of Huixquilucan, where they lived.

The girl required special attention, as she suffered from motor and speech disabilities.

During her search, even the media, which covered the case until it became a national event and captured the attention of the international community, interviewed the family in the room where she was last seen and it was never suspected that she would be there. El Tiempo reviewed.

Nine days later, when she was found, the authorities immediately pointed out that the culprit(s) would have to be members of her family or people close to her, and an investigation of her parents and nannies was launched.

Keys to understand the disappearance of Paulette Gebara

The disappearance of the little girl would have caused the divorce of Mauricio Gebara and Lisette Farah, who separated shortly after and custody of their first daughter remained with the woman.

Gebara declared to the Milenio newspaper that he knew where they were going to find the girl. However, she demanded guarantees to be able to give the information that she claimed to have. On the other hand, Farah began to point out to her husband that he was responsible for what happened to the girl.

The case took on such relevance that it reached the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico and Alberto Bazbaz took up the case. Similarly, they never found a culprit and did not clarify what happened.

The only clarification was that he died of suffocation due to obstruction of his airways and strong pressure on his trunk, according to autopsy reports, according to the BBC.

Farah demanded that the judicial file of the investigation be handed over to him, since he questioned the opinion given by the prosecutor’s office, in which they declared his death accidental.

The family, who was known among business circles in the State of Mexico, were even friends of Enrique Peña Nieto, who at the time was the governor of the state, according to journalist Alberto Nájar.

Prosecutor Bazbaz announced that, during “ministerial proceedings”, the girl was found “in Paulette’s own room, at the foot of her bed, between the mattress and the structure of the furniture that supports it, and covered by the sheet and quilt Of the same”. Her cause of death was “mechanical suffocation from suffocation.”

Bazbaz maintained at the time that the girl was “hidden and deprived of her life.” She said that she would search for answers to “events that are absolutely incomprehensible.”

However, on May 21, the same prosecutor described everything as an “accident” after completing the investigations and acknowledged that the process had “deficiencies in not having fully reviewed the bed” and resigned from his position on May 25. .

The journalist and current senator Lilly Téllez, who did one of the television interviews in 2010, assured on April 8 of that year that the girl “was not” where the authorities said she appeared. (I)

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Source: Eluniverso

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