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NATO accession, a very detailed access test for aspiring countries

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Adherence to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of a candidate country supposes an access exam during which the applicants must convince each one of the 30 members of the Alliance of what their contribution would be and their capacity to respond to the obligations of the common agreement.

The process is codified since once a country makes the decision to request to be part of the pact, NATO members must unanimously accept and extend an invitation.

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This invitation marks the start of the accession negotiations that take place at the organization’s headquarters in Brussels.

There the applicant must convince the representatives of the members and the experts of the Alliance of his capacity to comply with the “political, legal and military obligations and commitments” detailed in the Washington Treaty and in the 1995 text on NATO enlargement.

The talks make it possible to discuss legal issues, security, the protection of classified information and the contribution to a common budget, which is based on the size of the economy of each country.

The candidate countries must commit to carrying out the necessary reforms and then extend a “letter” to the Secretary General of NATO with a “timetable to execute the reforms”.

The final stage is the ratification of the accession protocol by each of the NATO member states, which send their consent for the entry of a new member to the government of USAwhich is the repository of North Atlantic Treaty.

the slogan “One for all and all for one” enshrined in article 5 is applied once the ratification by all the states is complete. For the last member state, North MacedoniaThis process took a year.

As members of the European Union (EU), Sweden Y Finland they benefit from the mutual assistance clause provided for in article 42-7 for the period of the ratification process of their accession to NATO.

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg stated that the two candidates will be received with “The open arms” if they decide to join the Alliance, of which they are already countries “associates”.

The question of Russia’s reaction will be raised in the talks, said an Alliance diplomat.

Moscow opposes Finland’s entry into the pact and refuses to install bases on the territory of a country with which Russia share a long border.

Source: Gestion

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