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The Leopard tank, from within: this is the new weapon of the allies for Ukraine

This Wednesday, Germany has confirmed the shipment of 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine to help Zelensky’s troops in their resistance against the invasion of Russia. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius hopes that the first tanks can be shipped in about three months.

But, what are these battle tanks like? In the video, we see how the set-up of these devices is carried out, as well as the simulation of the movements that the 120 mm gun would perform in combat.

During this maintenance, the condition of the engine is also checked, capable of reaching the 80 kilometers per houras well as the state of the cubicle enabled for the four crew members that are needed for everything to work in the ‘guts’ of the Leopard 2.

In Spain, there is 347 Leopard main battle tanksof which 108 are of the 2A4 model that were purchased from Germany during the 90s. In addition, there are 239 of the so-called 2E, the Spanish version and one of the most modern.

Spain contributes several Leopard E2 to the NATO mission in Latviabeing the first time that our country deploys this type of capabilities abroad.

Source: Lasexta


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