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Germany approves delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Germany approves delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

the german government to deliver 14 state-of-the-art Leopard tanks to Ukraineand will also allow the rest of the European countries to hand over their supplies to the Ukrainian army.

“The goal is to quickly assemble two Leopard 2 tank battalions for Ukraine”said Seffen Hebestreit, the spokesman for the German government on Wednesday.

The package agreed after intensive negotiations with Ukraine’s allies includes logistic support, ammunition and maintenance Of these combat tanks, which are the 2A6 model, the most advanced that exist.

Russia warns Germany about possible authorization to transfer tanks to Ukraine

Each tank contains a 120mm smoothbore gun and a 7.62mm machine gun; It can reach speeds of 70 km/h or 50 km/h when off-road.

Leopard 2 tank. Photo: Anatolii Stepanov

According to Hebestreit, the training of Ukrainian soldiers in the use of tanks “will start soon in Germany.”

“This decision is consistent with our line, which is to support Ukraine with all our capabilities. We act in a closely coordinated and concerted manner at the international level,” German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz said in the statement.

The delivery of the Leopard tanks represents a blow to the Kremlin, as Ukraine would be equipped with the latest technologies and better protected from a Russian offensive.

The European Union will finance the delivery of arms to Ukraine with a package of 500 million euros

Ukraine’s President Volodimir Zelensky had expressed at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos the urgency for Germany to make a quick decision on the tanks.

“There are times when there is no need to hesitate. When people say: I’ll give you tanks if someone else does,” Zelensky said, referring to Germany’s promise to hand over its Leopard tanks. only if the United States sent its M1 Abrams tanks.

Fears of Germany to allow the shipment of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Germany received congratulations from Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister who applauded Olaf Scholz’s decision.

“Together with the British Challenger 2s,” the German tanks “will bolster Ukraine’s defensive firepower” against the Russian invasion, Sunak said.

It was the “right decision by NATO allies and friends,” he said.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also offered his thanks to Germany.

“Thank you, Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The decision to send Leopard to Ukraine is a big step to stop Russia. Together we are stronger,” Morawiecki said.

“A first step was taken,” Andriy Yermak, head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, further said in a statement on Telegram. “We need a lot of Leopards.”


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