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US Justice sentences a Capitol robber to eight months in prison

The United States Justice sentenced one of the former president’s supporters to eight months in prison this Monday Donald Trump that stormed the Capitol on January 6, which is the first felony conviction imposed on a participant in the incident.

Specifically, Paul Allard Hodgkins pleaded guilty On the charge of obstruction of official proceedings, the assault took place when Congress was holding a joint session to ratify Joe Biden’s victory in the election, which can carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Judge Randolph Moss has recognized the repentance shown by Hodgkins for his participation in the assault, but has stressed that what happened in January was “chilling.” “Democracy requires the cooperation of the Government,” the judge pointed out, before stating that, “when a mob prepares to attack the Capitol to prevent our elected representatives from carrying out their constitutional tasks, democracy is in danger.”

The prosecutors they had asked for a sentence of 18 months in prison for Hodgkins, arguing that he had accepted responsibility for what happened on Capitol Hill, but had been willing to participate in the assault and had done so actively.

Although Hodgkins was not accused of carrying out any violent act During the incident, prosecutors stressed that he did enter the complex and, once in the Senate, he was there carrying a flag with the slogan ‘Trump 2020’, latex gloves and protective glasses, among other objects. According to investigations, the now condemned man had traveled from Tampa, Florida, to attend the rally on Trump’s alleged electoral fraud.

During this Monday’s hearing, Hodgkins he has apologized for his participation in the assault and has indicated that he now recognizes Biden as president of the United States. “You can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am truly sorry for my actions in Washington on January 6,” he said, as reported by The Hill.

“I say this not because I face consequences, but because of the damage that the actions of that day caused, the way in which this country that I love has been damaged,” he added.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol as Congress held a joint session to ratify the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential elections, held on November 3. Former President Trump repeatedly rejected the election result, stating that there had been “fraud”, although without providing proof of this. The incident left five dead.

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