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Trudeau and Kishida deepen Canada-Japan trade relationship

Trudeau and Kishida deepen Canada-Japan trade relationship

The Prime Ministers of Canada, Justin TrudeauY Japan, Fumio KishidaThey agreed to deepen their economic ties and announced the exchange of trade missions this year during the visit that the Japanese ruler made to Ottawa on Thursday.

Trudeau and Kishida announced in the Canadian capital that in the second quarter of the year Japan will send a trade mission with the purpose of establishing new relations and investments in Canada for the electric car sector.

Canada, the second largest country in the world, has reserves of the minerals necessary for the production of batteries used in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

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Canadian authorities have identified the electric car sector as one of the country’s economic opportunities and have announced hundreds of millions of dollars in investments to attract companies in the segment.

Also, the two rulers said that next October Canada will send its own trade mission to Japan.

During their meeting in Ottawa, Trudeau and Kishida also discussed Canada’s new strategic plan for the Indo-Pacific.

Canada announced in November 2022 a new strategy for the region focused on a hardening of its position towards China, a country that qualifies as “disruptive power” a greater military presence and an increase in ties with allies such as Japan and South Korea.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s Office reported in a statement that Kishida, for his part, offered details of Japan’s National Security Strategy.

The two leaders shared their “concerns about China’s actions in the region and agreed on the importance of a coordinated approach to the security of the Indo-Pacific.”

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Just yesterday, Japan and the United States agreed to expand their military cooperation in the face of the challenge posed by China’s foreign policy.

In addition, Trudeau and Kishida spoke about the priorities of the G7 presidency, which Japan assumes this year, “and the importance of continuing the G7 coordination to maintain the rules-based international system in view of new and emerging global challenges.” .

Source: EFE

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