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Economic Forum says the world needs 37% more doctors and teachers

A report from World Economic Forum locates to Brazil Y Spain as the second and third country with the largest deficit of employees in the social field, which includes the health, childcare and education sectors, in a list that leads South Africa.

The report, published days before the start of the Davos Forum, highlights that the world needs to increase the number of workers in these sectors by 37%, to reach 64 million in 2030.

The Forum specifies that there are 18 million toilets, 12 million caregivers and child teachers and 9 million primary and secondary education teachers missing.

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In Brazil, 10.2 million people currently work in the different sectors of the social economy, a figure that the Forum believes should increase by 89% before 2030, when the country will need more than 19.2 million employees. .

In the Spanish case, the number of workers in the social sectors is almost 2.9 million and the Forum considers that it should increase by 81% before the beginning of the next decade to reach 5.3 million employees in 2030, that is say 2.3 million more than now.

Much more impressive is the growth that the labor market in these sectors will need in South Africa, which currently has 1.2 million workers from these professional families, a figure that will have to be multiplied by five before 2030 to reach the target of 6, 3 million suggested by the World Economic Forum.

The report also warns of the need to increase by 66% (12 million workers) the number of employees in the green economy, which includes the agricultural and fishing sectors, sustainable construction, and environmental, civil, and chemical engineering.

It stands out that currently only 1% of workers worldwide are employed in these sectors, and draws attention to the low rates in countries like South Africa, China, United Kingdom and Brazil.

Source: EFE

Source: Gestion


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