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China leaves behind the ‘zero covid’ policy and reopens its borders today

China leaves behind the ‘zero covid’ policy and reopens its borders today

China will not require a quarantine period for people arriving in the country, although a negative test will be required. A wave of Chinese residents is expected to return to the country on their way home, also coinciding with the Lunar New Year.

Euskaraz irakurri: ‘Zero covid’ politika atzean utzi eta mugak irekiko ditu gaur Txinak

China has reopened today to the rest of the world after almost three years of closing its borders by officially lowering the category of the covid from level A to B and thus marking in practice the end of the ‘zero covid’ policy.

This change, from the level of maximum danger and for whose containment the most severe measures are required to one that contemplates a more lax control, allows travelers entering the country from this Sunday to do so without the mandatory quarantine imposed since March 2020.

This new situation comes just one day after the start of the 40-day period known as “chunyun” in Chinese, the world’s largest annual migration, which happens every year during the Lunar New Yearwhich in 2023 will fall between January 21 and 27, and is expected to bring tens of thousands of overseas Chinese citizens back to the country.

Not only those who arrive in the country by air benefit from the paradigm shift in China’s anti-pandemic policy. The land border posts have also witnessed today the flow of people who have taken advantage of the end of the quarantines to enter the Asian giant.

Concern outside of China

On the other hand, the explosion of Covid-19 cases in China, derived from the withdrawal of most of the restrictions imposed throughout the pandemic, has generated concern worldwide, leading countries around the world to impose new controls. for travelers from the Asian giant.

Thus, as China has begun to relax its restrictions, a greater number of countries have joined these weeks in requesting negative tests for travelers from China.

In this sense, Spain, for example, may deny entry to third-country nationals arriving on direct flights from any airport located in China from this week until February 15 if they do not provide an EU digital Covid Certificate or equivalent or negative diagnostic tests, based on public health reasons, according to a resolution on restrictions at foreign air borders of the Ministry of the Interior published this Wednesday in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

Similarly, at an urgently called meeting of the European Union’s Health Security Committee (HSC) in late December, EU member states agreed to maintain “active surveillance” in the face of the apparent explosion of coronavirus infections. in China, and from which came the commitment to keep in touch to examine possible joint initiatives.

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