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China sees COVID controls on travelers as “unacceptable” and threatens retaliation

China sees COVID controls on travelers as “unacceptable” and threatens retaliation

China has registered a contagion explosion during the last few weeks after the withdrawal of the most restrictionsdecision motivated by the demonstrations of society against politics from xin jinping ‘Covid Zero’. As a consequence, several countries -mainly in Asia but also the United States and some European countries, such as Spain – have begun to require a negative coronavirus test or the complete guideline vaccination to allow the entry of travelers from the Asian country. The chinese governmentfar from understanding the reaction of these countries, has described their adopted measures as “unacceptable”.

Alleges that there are no scientific arguments that justify the restrictions approved by governments such as that of Spain. “We strongly oppose manipulating pandemic prevention and control measures to achieve political goals,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, mao ning, in an appearance before the media reported by the official press. Thus, Beijing reserves the right to retaliate, by virtue of the “principle of reciprocity” that governs international relations. The spokeswoman did not go into more detail about these possible aftershocks. She, too, has not ruled on the proposal that the European Union would have made to the Asian country.

The European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakideshe would have approached his Chinese counterparts to offer them free vaccinations against the COVID-19 virus. “The European Union is ready to offer its support, including expertise in public health and vaccine donations,” the commissioner said a few days ago through her profile on the social network Twitter.

Source: Lasexta

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