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“There is nothing to do anymore”: They reveal that Harry and William’s relationship no longer has a setback, they do not speak to each other and there is no hope of rapprochement or reconciliation

With the launch of the documentary series “Harry & Meghan”, from Netflix, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex once again stir the calm in the British royalty and with all the reactions they generated in the six chapters of the production, now everything points to the fact that the Prince William did not take things well.

The children of the late Princess Diana and King Carlos III would be further apart than is believed, although the official reactions have not yet appeared, some sources close to Buckingham Palace have already given their opinion on the Harry and Meghan Markle docuseries.

They complain bitterly about the monarchy, but sign with their royal titles: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry share their Christmas greeting with a recent photograph of them

Harry and William no longer speak to each other

In the streaming platform project, Harry accuses William of yelling at him in front of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in the middle of a conversation about the Sussexes’ decision to relinquish their duties as royals, Vanity Fair published.

Furthermore, Harry claims that his brother broke a promise the two had made to each other not to pit their teams against each other using the press and accuses him of being trapped in the royalist “institution”.

“I think there is nothing to do anymore. They’re finished,” a source told Page Six, referring to the two brothers.

For another source, it is unlikely that there is a new rapprochement between the two princes. “There’s a huge sense of mistrust, which is why Guillermo won’t talk to Harry, because he’s worried that whatever he says might end up in a book or a docuseries,” the insider said.

On the other hand, the entire palace rejected the statement that appears at the beginning of the documentary series, which states that the Royal Family did not want to answer the accusations that are shown there.

The officials of the institution assure that Netflix lies and that they never contacted them, so that statement would be false. While the creators apologized and pointed out that an “external producer” did it via email.

For now it will be time to wait if the heir to the throne and Harry will really relate as brothers again.

The Sussexes are invited to King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey, but the occasion falls on the same day as the birthday of Harry and Meghan’s eldest son, Archie, so they could decline the invitation, too. taking into account the tension they generated in the British crown. (YO)

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