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International Criminal Court will investigate the Chavista regime of Venezuela for violating Human Rights

The International Criminal Court (ICC) open a formal investigation to Venezuela “To establish the truth in accordance with the Rome Statute, following the visit of the high court prosecutor, Karim Khan.

“The ICC prosecutor has concluded the preliminary examination of the situation in Venezuela and has determined that an investigation should be opened to establish the truth in accordance with the Rome Statute,” reads a memorandum signed with Venezuela and read in front of Khan and the Illegitimate President Nicolás Maduro.

The memorandum also states that Venezuela (the Chavista regime) “interprets that the requirements of Article 53 of the Rome Statute are not met to justify moving from the preliminary examination phase to the investigation phase.”

Said article states that “the prosecutor, after evaluating the information available to him, will initiate an investigation unless he determines that there is no reasonable basis to proceed with it under the present (Rome) Statute.”

Faced with this situation, Venezuela “considers that the complaints should be investigated in the country by the existing national institutions created for this purpose,” the memorandum explains.

The document signed by Mature and Khan, also states that in the preliminary phase “no suspect or target has been identified and that the purpose of the investigation is to determine the truth and whether or not there are grounds to file charges against any person.”

The parties agreed that Venezuela, as a national jurisdiction, “will adopt all necessary measures to ensure the effective administration of justice, in accordance with international standards, with the support and active commitment of the ICC Prosecutor’s Office by virtue of the principle of complementarity. ”.

Also “establish mechanisms to improve cooperation between the parties and facilitate the effective performance of the prosecutor’s mandate” in Venezuela.

In addition, they have chosen to “strive to agree on means and mechanisms that effectively contribute to the efforts of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to carry out authentic national actions.”

Finally, they agreed “to work so that the principle of complementarity has an adequate and significant effect.”

They wanted to be heard

Several Venezuelan unions demanded a meeting with Prosecutor Khan on his third and last day of his official visit. Around 150 people gathered near the headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office, in western Caracas, with the intention of walking to the Executive Vice Presidency, but the Police blocked their way and prevented them from reaching the place.

The president of the Federation of University Workers, Eduardo Sánchez, explained that, since last Thursday, they made this request for Khan to meet with the families of victims of human rights violations and representatives of the imprisoned workers with the intention of raising their situation, but, so far, they have not received a response.

Sánchez added that, currently, there are 152 union leaders imprisoned for demanding better working conditions in the country.

“We demand from the Executive that we do not want one more Christmas with the imprisoned workers. A Christmas without imprisoned workers is the slogan we have, for decent wages, for living with dignity, for respect for workers’ rights and human rights, ”he exclaimed.

Likewise, the general secretary of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry union, José Patines, said that they took advantage of Khan’s presence in the country to make visible the victims of mistreatment by Maduro’s Chavista regime.

“We are protesting in the street for the right that we all have to a dignified life, with public services that work, to a dignified retirement, not like the one our retirees live today with a salary of 7 bolívares (US $ 1.5), when a kilo of cheese costs 18 bolivars (US $ 4) ”, he pointed out.

Patines indicated that the protest was attended by workers from different public sector organizations, accompanying the families of the workers who are detained “for claiming demands.”


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