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UN will follow changes in Twitter and considers regulating social networks

UN will follow changes in Twitter and considers regulating social networks

The general secretary of the UN, Antonio Guterresassured this Monday that he is closely following the changes in Twitter and its impact, while considering that it is necessary to regulate social networks to guarantee that they act responsibly.

“I believe that social media platforms have a particular responsibility to preserve press freedom and, at the same time, prevent hate speech and forms of extremism”highlighted Guterres after being asked about the evolution of Twitter since Elon Musk acquired it.

In this sense, the Portuguese diplomat pointed to the recent suspensions of some journalists on Twitter and an alleged increase in hate speech, two issues on which the United Nations has expressed concern in recent days.

Regarding the possibility that Musk stops running the company, Guterres assured that he does not have a particular opinion about the person in charge, but he is very interested in how the platform is managed.

In this sense, he suggested that he has no interest in meeting with the businessman, but what he sees as essential is that certain rules be established for social networks.

“We live in a kind of legal vacuum in which these platforms can do what they want, communicate what they want and there are no legal consequences”argued Guterres, who considered that there should be answers at various levels.

Some issues, he noted, require international legislation, while others could be settled with more dialogue and “soft regulations” and other different ones depend more on the “sense of responsibility of the operators themselves”.

Meanwhile, asked if he is considering leaving that social network in which he has more than 2 million followers, the UN Secretary General said that he will be guided by his “awareness” and he noted that for the moment he believes that it is best to keep his account and continue using it.

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