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Japan to seek permanent seat for Africa on UN Security Council

Japan to seek permanent seat for Africa on UN Security Council

The first Minister JapaneseFumio Kishida, pledged on Sunday at a Japan-Africa in Tunisia to “remedy a historical injustice” and to press for the continent to obtain a permanent seat on the Security Council of United Nations.

“In order to act effectively” and consolidate peace and security in Africa, “it is urgent to remedy the historical injustice” that Africa does not have a permanent seat in the UN, Kishida said in a videoconference from Tokyo.

“Japan is going to strengthen its alliance with Africa and next year, when it is in the Security Council with a non-permanent seat (2023 and 2024), it will advocate for a reform of the UN and the obtaining of a permanent seat for the continent” , said the Japanese prime minister, who could not travel because he was positive for COVID-19.

The United Nations Security Council includes 15 members, of which five are permanent (the United States, China, Russia, France, and Germany), while the rest are held on a two-year rotation by other member countries.

At the summit, Japan announced funding for various programs, such as elections and security, and specific aid of US$8.3 million for the Liptako-Gurma region, straddling Mali, Burkina-Faso and Niger.

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