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Tricks and how to know who visits my Facebook profile

Tricks and how to know who visits my Facebook profile

This social network, despite being in the doldrums lately and having numerous scandals related to privacy, continues to be liked and works very well. You probably have a Facebook profile, Thanks to which you can keep up to date with everything your friends do, follow famous celebrities or simply have some fun. But what you may not know is that people outside your circle of trust may be visiting your profile and knowing something more about you. Thanks to the trick that we are going to provide you, you will be able to know who visits your Facebook profile. Although it may seem somewhat cumbersome, do not be alarmed, it is actually quite simple to do. You will only need your computer and the Google browser, we mean Google Chrome.

Who visits my Facebook profile?

Although to know who visits your Facebook profile you can make use of an application or program, the way in which we are going to explain it to you does not need any of this, simply have Google Chrome installed. This is how you can find out who is visiting your profile

  • Access your Facebook account.
  • Anywhere on the screen, right-click and select “view source code.” Do not be alarmed, a large number of numbers and letters will appear, it is in the background as that page is. Yes, all the websites in the world have source code.
  • Press Ctrl + F, enable search option. Write friendslist and hit Enter.
  • You will see a list with numerical codes in red, ending with a -2, for example 3465734678 -2. They are the codes of the profile of our friends in this social network. The first places are the users with whom we interact most frequently, or those with whom we speak on Facebook Messenger.
  • You will simply have to copy the part that is before the -2.
  • Open a new tab in the browser and type followed by the code you copied, and immediately after hitting enter. The magic is done, the profile that appears is of a person who has visited your page.

This method is perhaps one of the most effective, and allows you to know indefinitely who has visited your profile, even if it is not your friend on the social network. Despite being a somewhat long method, as soon as you internalize it you will not have any problem and you will repeat it automatically.

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