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They create the first Spanish car with a removable battery: it can be charged at home and does not exceed 7,500 euros

The first car with removable batteries is already a reality, and it has been made in Spain with two clear objectives: to reduce pollution and respond to the main challenges, the lack of charging points and the price.

Eduardo Quesada, director of R&D Silence, explained that “it is a very small vehicle, 2.30 meters long by 1.5 wide. As Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence, also explains, “removing the batteries from the car reduces the price by 40%, so we can talk about a vehicle between 7,000 and 7,500 euros “.

That is, you can buy the microcohe and rent the battery in stations that will be installed in Barcelona and Madrid. Its autonomy is about 140 kilometers. After that, we can remove the battery and charge it in any space that has plugs.

The launch of the new quad will be in 2022 due to the shortage of raw materials and microchips. About 1,000 cars will be built that will be able to reach up to 90km / h of speed.

“The idea will be for this vehicle to be introduced into the facilities that Nissan currently has,” explained Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence. A new possibility for consumers to create a more sustainable future.

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