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Tech To The Rescue, a foundation of pro bono developers. “They can be bigger than the Gates Foundation”

THE Tech To The Rescue we wrote for the first time in April. It is a grassroots initiative by IT companies that want to help fight the pandemic. It quickly turned out that the industry is willing to provide help also on a daily basis, not only in medical matters. These companies often have the resources but lack the know-how. This is where Tech To The Rescue comes in and connects developers with organizations that need help but lack the technical skills to implement their ideas.

During the dinner for TTTR founding partners, the president of 10Clouds, Maciej Cielecki, told me that the IT industry has the privilege of helping. Good financial situation and rapid development of IT companies allow – as in the case of law firms or consulting companies – to allocate some of the employees’ time to pro bono projects. Cielecki also believes that it is their duty. The more so as the so-called benches. There are downtimes in projects during which employees have nothing to do. – So why not spend this time helping others? – Cielecki asks rhetorically.

Tech To The Rescue will be bigger than the Gates Foundation?

Tech To The Rescue has big plans to change the world. Technology can increase the impact of important ideas a thousandfold in reality. Where there is a shortage of hands to work, we can replace many things with an application. Technology has already changed our everyday life, it is time for it to positively influence the whole world.

It is a move that will revolutionize the industry and save millions of lives

– boldly announced Jacek Siadkowski, head of Tech To The Rescue.

And it was with such an impression that I left after his presentation. As he said, he and his partners believed so much in this project that they gave up their own businesses to operate in TTTR. Zuzanna, new in the team, even returned from emigration from Beijing, incl. in order to act in the initiative. She was looking for a way to become socially involved and today she is responsible for contact with non-governmental organizations. As he says, most of them are obtained through word of mouth, because hardly anyone in the country has heard about Tech To The Rescue.

However, the plans are bigger than just Poland. Another round of TTTR financing has recently ended, thanks to which it was possible to raise funds for the next three years of operation. The plan for 2022 includes expanding operations worldwide and seeking world-class experts to join the Foundation Council to help advance Tech To The Rescue. With limited resources, TTTR managed to bring together companies and NGOs in 50 projects within 1.5 years. In 90 percent. One could happily shout “It’s a match”, which means that in most cases NGOs received the necessary IT support from entrepreneurs who want to help pro bono. In 2022, Tech To The Rescue wants to combine and initiate 240 projects in this way.

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In early December, Forbes received the TTTR Responsible Leadership award. The broad involvement of the IT industry also shows that not only its founders believe in Tech To The Rescue. Adam Sobczak, one of the partners who helped build the portal. Tech To The Rescue has enormous potential.

They may be the largest foundation in the world, larger than the Gates Foundation

– said Sobczak.

Help is supposed to be the norm. This is what the younger generations want

During the meeting, it was clear that everyone present is strongly involved in the whole idea of ​​TTTR – as evidenced by numerous applause while discussing further development plans and ambitious assumptions. The Foundation is supposed not only to help, but also to make pro bono involvement a market standard. In other words, any mature IT company that doesn’t do this would feel ashamed in front of its employees. Adam Sobczak from sees it as a great opportunity to change thinking and move aside the “boomer” mentality. In the interview, he emphasized that TTR is not a commitment to corporate social responsibility projects, often done on a separate basis for marketing purposes. Sobczak sees Tech To The Rescue as a real opportunity to improve the world. And he says that such activities give life a purpose.

This was also mentioned by Marta Klepka, Head of Growth at 10Clouds. She noticed that employees approach socially engaged projects with great enthusiasm. It gives them fulfillment and a kick to further work. Moreover, employees increasingly make their employment dependent on the possibility of acting in such projects.

This was confirmed in an interview by Karla Sutil, who started working with Dziewuchy Dziewuchom thanks to Tech To The Rescue. The Foundation has gathered a large community around it, their profile on FB has over 150,000. likes. However, they are less and less like compromising with digital giants, facing trolls and negative and violent comments. Karla and the Boldare company she works for are helping them build a website that will enable content publishing and independence from giants. So far, the project is at the planning stage, but nevertheless, employees already feel the energy flowing from helping. Karla herself could not hide her enthusiasm for being involved in the Dziewuchy Dziewuchom project.

Maciej Cielecki from 10Clouds was equally excited about the Tech To The Rescue initiative, and he told with genuine joy how he likes to help. And that thanks to TTTR, he got involved not only in important projects, but also in personal projects in the field of neurodiversity.

Participation in pro-social projects becomes completely natural for the IT industry – both for owners, management and employees. This may also be the strength of Tech To The Rescue, because it is difficult to approach an initiative without enthusiasm.

Everyone can help

Tech To The Rescue attracts not only people who want to start helping. The initiative was involved, inter alia, the aforementioned Adam Sobczak, but also the Intive company. The company operates on the international market, incl. in South America, and pro-social projects are their everyday life. In Tech To The Rescue, they see an opportunity to consolidate such shares, which is why they decided to invest in foundations and participate in its projects. But this is not the end. As Sławomir Kupczyk, a representative of Intive, said, they also plan to promote the whole idea of ​​TTTR using their extensive international contacts.

However, you do not need to have free benches to get involved in Tech To The Rescue. One of the founding partners is Ten Square Games. The company in a pandemic has doubled employment and is in the stage of intensive development. Nevertheless, he wants to help – financially for now, and in the future also in terms of projects. The latter is a bit more difficult for them, because people working on games have different competences than programmers from typical software houses. And so they managed. Ten Square Games has already managed to implement its first consulting project.

Although technology is at the core of Tech To The Rescue, the foundation wants to surround the supported organizations with other services necessary for success, such as marketing. The Law Firm Meritum Tomasz Ejtminowicz was involved in the initiative. They have been dealing with legal issues in the field of technology for years.

Since the new year, Tech To The Rescue has been supporting 18 mature IT companies and their founders, who co-finance the activities and support the project with their knowledge and experience. The aforementioned Adam Sobczak from does not enter the project financially so widely, but he wants to help in development. As an advisor, he would like to share his experience and, for example, protect TTTR from missed collaborations. Because, in his opinion, even one such initiative that will bring black PR can plunge such a promising project as Tech To The Rescue.

Source: Gazeta

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