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Apple has canceled the release of new augmented reality glasses

Apple has canceled the release of new augmented reality glasses

The Information: Apple canceled the release of Vision Pro 2 in favor of a cheap headset

Apple has frozen the project of the second generation of the Vision Pro augmented reality headset. The Information publication became aware of this.

Media sources said that amid slowing demand for Vision Pro, the company decided to postpone the release of the second generation of glasses. Apple has canceled the Vision Pro 2 in favor of a simplified and cheaper virtual and augmented reality headset. The first generation Vision Pro went on sale in February.

The available device for working with AR and VR is codenamed N109. According to insiders, Apple intends to retain the high-quality displays of the first generation Vision Pro, but reduce the weight of the gadget and significantly save on production. The device is planned to be released in 2025.

The cost of the device is not disclosed, but in October Bloomberg sources said that the inexpensive version of Vision Pro will cost $1,500-2,000. For comparison, the original Apple glasses were priced at a minimum of $3,499.

At the same time, Apple still continues to invest in promoting the current Vision Pro headset. The device should go on sale globally by the end of the year.

In early May, it became known that Apple had banned developers from publishing overly realistic games for Vision Pro mixed reality glasses. Thus, games with realistic depictions of weapons were banned.

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