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Encrypted messaging is at risk.  The EU wants to monitor our news.  We know what Poland says

Encrypted messaging is at risk. The EU wants to monitor our news. We know what Poland says

Encrypted messaging is at risk.  The EU wants to monitor our news.  We know what Poland says

The Council of the European Union will vote on allowing authorities access to encrypted messages. This technology is used, among others, by: WhatsApp or Signal. The proposal was met with considerable criticism. The media, however, reached Poland’s position on this matter.

The European Commission has proposed a directive aimed at restricting the circulation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The proposal has been met with considerable criticism as the new regulations would allow authorities to access messages that are end-to-end encrypted, such as Signal, WhatsApp and Gmail. This is security in which the message is encrypted at the sender and decrypted only at the recipient –

Poland will vote against access to encrypted messages. There are doubts

The proposal put forward by the Belgian presidency was opposed by the European Parliament in 2023, which adopted amendments. The EP proposed that the authorities should only be able to grant access to selected people. Now the Council of the EU, i.e. representatives of the governments of the member states, is preparing its own text. There will be a vote on this matter on Wednesday, a

Although Poland supports the project’s goal from the very beginning, i.e. harmonization of rules regarding sexual abuse of children, according to the newspaper’s findings, it will vote against the project. Despite the changes, Polish representatives have “doubts regarding the proportionality of the proposal due to the still existing possibility of general scanning of communications of service users.”

Signal opposes reform. They believe it compromises the entire encryption

Signal issued a statement on the regulations that will be voted on in the EU Council on Wednesday. The company’s president, Meredith Whittaker, believes that this is an attack on encrypted content, and the solutions presented in the EU Council’s proposal create a security hole that can be exploited by hackers and hostile states.

Whittaker says the bill’s change in terminology from “client-side scanning” to “upload moderation” is just a word game to confuse the public. She emphasized that cybersecurity experts have been repeating for decades that it is impossible to maintain the properties of end-to-end encryption and at the same time allow the authorities to view the content secured in this way.

Source: Gazeta

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