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Elon Musk admitted the possibility of creating a smartphone

Elon Musk admitted the possibility of creating a smartphone

Musk said he does not rule out the possibility of creating his own smartphone

Billionaire Elon Musk has admitted that he may create his own smartphone in the future. The entrepreneur stated this in his X.

Responding to the assumption of a user under the nickname WR4NYGov, who suggested that Elon Musk will create his own smartphone in partnership with Samsung, the entrepreneur said that this is not excluded. However, Musk did not disclose the details of the project.

The WR4NYGov publication said that the future phone will receive the open source X OS system, optimization for the X social network application, integration with Tesla robotaxis, Optimus robots, Boring Company transport systems and Neuralink devices. The device will also receive support for direct connection to Starlink.

Journalists from the specialized publication SamMobile commented on part of the message in which its author said that the gadget would be launched jointly with Samsung. Media specialists noted the size of Elon Musk’s figure and the benefits that his company brings, but said that this is unlikely to happen. “Samsung doesn’t do a lot of joint phone creation,” the authors said. They also noted that the mobile market is divided between iOS and Android, and there is not enough room for a third OS.

Earlier, Elon Musk announced a possible ban on Apple devices in his companies due to AI. The entrepreneur called Apple Intelligence technology spyware.

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