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Apple is in partnership with OpenAI and ChatemGPT.  Elon Musk thunders: Ban the use of iPhones!

Apple is in partnership with OpenAI and ChatemGPT. Elon Musk thunders: Ban the use of iPhones!

Apple is in partnership with OpenAI and ChatemGPT.  Elon Musk thunders: Ban the use of iPhones!

Apple presented a new personal artificial intelligence system for iPhone, iPad and Mac. At the same time, the company announced the establishment of strategic cooperation with OpenAI, which includes, among others: integration of the Apple ecosystem with ChatemGPT.

During the WWDC 24 conference, Apple presented Apple Intelligence, a personal AI system. As the Cupertino-based company explains, it combines knowledge of personal context with the power of generative models to provide users with intelligent solutions tailored to their needs.

Apple Intelligence. Artificial intelligence for iPhone

We are delighted to open a new chapter in Apple innovation. Apple Intelligence will completely transform what users can do with our products, and what our products can do for them

– emphasized Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

Apple Intelligence Apple

Apple Intelligence will open new possibilities for the Cupertino giant’s devices, including: in writing and communication. Users will be able to use AI to edit, proofread and summarize texts in almost all Apple applications, including: in Mail, Notes, Pages, but also in selected third-party applications.

Thanks to the Rework function, the Apple Intelligence system allows you to choose from different versions of the text, adapting its tone to the recipient and the task at hand. From smoothing out cover letters to adding humor and creativity to party invitations, Rework has the right words for every occasion. The Proofread feature checks grammar, word choice and sentence structure and suggests corrections – with justification – for you to review or quickly accept. The Summary function creates a summary of the selected text fragment in the form of an accessible paragraph, bulleted most important issues, table or list.

Deep analysis of human language will also work in the Mail application and in Notifications. Thanks to the Priority Messages feature, a new section appears at the top of the inbox with the most urgent emails, such as same-day invitations and boarding passes. In the inbox, instead of previewing the first lines of text, users will now see summaries of entire emails – without having to open them.

Apple IntelligenceApple Intelligence photo: Apple

Important notifications appear at the top of the stack, and thanks to summaries, users will be able to quickly check key information on the lock screen, e.g. when there is a particularly lively discussion in the chat.

You can now record, transcribe and summarize voice messages in the Notes and Phone apps. When a call begins to be recorded, participants are automatically notified, and when it ends, the Apple Intelligence system generates a summary with key information.

Apple IntelligenceApple Intelligence Apple

Image Playground, i.e. we have Midjourney at home

Apple Intelligence will also enable the generation of images in real time. This is about the Image Playground function. As the company emphasizes, seconds are enough to create funny images in one of three styles to choose from: Animation, Illustration or Sketch. Artificial intelligence has even been harnessed to create avatars. Memoji, already known to Apple users, will be supplemented by Genmoji.

Apple IntelligenceApple Intelligence photo: Apple

Additionally, the new technology will make it easier to search for photos and videos in the Photos app. You can easily find a specific photo using natural language.

Apple Intelligence, i.e. Siri, is given a second life

For years, one of the biggest problems with Siri, the intelligent assistant for Apple devices, was the fact that – to put it mildly – it was not very intelligent. Now, however, Siri is to be given a second life, thanks to Apple Intelligence.

Thanks to improved human language analysis capabilities, Siri now works more naturally and more appropriately to the context and individual needs of users, simplifying and speeding up everyday tasks. It doesn’t lose the thread when users speak incoherently and doesn’t lose context when fulfilling their subsequent wishes. You can also write to Siri and freely switch between voice and written commands if necessary. In addition, the digital assistant has a new design with an elegant light surrounding the screen that pulses when active

– explains Apple.

Apple IntelligenceApple Intelligence photo: Apple

Siri can provide users with device-related advice and answer thousands of questions about performing various tasks on iPhone, iPad and Mac at any time.

By being aware of what is happening on the screen, over time Siri will understand context and appropriately use content from users in more and more applications. For example, when you receive a friend’s new address in Messages, just say: “Add this address to their business card.”

Apple partners with OpenAI. Elon Musk thunders

During Monday’s conference, Apple also announced cooperation with OpenAI. It concerns the integration of ChataGPT with iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. Apple devices will be able to take advantage of the ChatGPT chatbot’s knowledge and image and document analysis capabilities – without having to switch between tools.

When appropriate, Siri can use ChatGPT’s knowledge resources. All questions – along with attached photos or documents – are sent to the ChatGPT service only with the user’s consent, and the chatbot’s answers are forwarded to Siri.

Apple emphasizes that integration with ChatemGPT will not violate user privacy. The manufacturer explains that when using GPT functions built into the Apple ecosystem, OpenAI does not record user commands and their IP addresses are hidden. For people who decide to connect their accounts, the ChatGPT privacy policy applies.

Apple IntelligenceApple Intelligence photo: Apple

However, these explanations did not convince the richest man in the world. Elon Musk reacted with considerable outrage to the news that Apple had started cooperation with OpenAI.

If Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level, Apple devices will be banned from my companies. This is an unacceptable security breach

– wrote Musk on the X platform. However, the controversial billionaire went even further in his threats. He stated, among other things, that guests visiting his companies will have to deposit their Apple devices, which will be placed in a Faraday cage for the duration of their visit.

“It’s absurd that Apple isn’t smart enough to create its own AI, yet claims it can somehow guarantee that OpenAI will protect security and privacy!” – added Elon Musk.

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