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Russian superfighter hit by Ukraine.  The proof will be photos

Russian superfighter hit by Ukraine. The proof will be photos

Russian superfighter hit by Ukraine.  The proof will be photos

The American technology company Maxar has published a high-resolution satellite photo, which is supposed to be proof that the Ukrainians actually destroyed the most modern Russian Su-57 fighter.

Ukraine’s military intelligence reported that the most modern Russian fifth-generation superfighter, the Su-57, was destroyed. Ukrainian military officials emphasize that the hit of the Su-57 “is the first such case in history.” Proof of success will include, among others: satellite photos.

Ukrainians boast about the destruction of the Su-57 superfighter

The drone attack on the air base near Akhtubinsk, where the test and experimental flight center is located, was said to have occurred last Saturday, June 8. The Ukrainians announced their success a day later, posting two satellite photos. In one of the photos from Friday you can see the entire machine, but in the other one you can see, among others: characteristic stains after fire.

On Monday, Maxar Technologies, an American technology company, published a high-resolution satellite photo of the Su-57 stationing site. The Russian base is nearly 600 kilometers away from the front line.

A blow to the Su-57. Expert: Disgrace

Military observer Oleksandr Kovalenko said that the hit of the superfighter was an “embarrassment for Moscow, comparable to the destruction of the A-50 or Tu-95MS aircraft.” The Su-57 is a state-of-the-art stealth plane that is part of the Russian aerospace force and can carry, among others: Kh-59 and Kh-69 missiles. Russian social media channels admit that the attack did indeed occur, but the Su-57 was only damaged. Russia has only a few machines of this type, and the cost of one superfighter of this type is estimated at nearly 3.2 billion rubles. According to Western experts, the Su-57 is used by the Russians against Ukraine, but to a limited extent.

Source: Gazeta

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