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The creator of the iPhone proposed renaming the Apple smartphone

The creator of the iPhone proposed renaming the Apple smartphone

Marketer Segall suggested Apple rename iPhone smartphones

Marketer Ken Segall, who worked on the creation of the iPhone and other Apple products, suggested that the company rename its smartphones. Seagal said this in an interview with Wired.

Segall was the creative director of the advertising agency that Apple founder Steve Jobs repeatedly hired to promote products. It is believed that Ken Segall came up with the prefix i in the names of gadgets – iPhone, iPad and others. In a conversation with media journalists, Segall said that it was time for Apple to abandon this name.

According to the specialist, the i in the name of the devices indicated that they work with the Internet. The marketer noted that at present this set-top box does not make sense, since all modern gadgets are connected to the Internet. “There might be some marketing experts who would say that Apple would be crazy if they abandoned this console,” Segall concluded.

Wired journalists noted that Apple is gradually abandoning the i console. In recent years, it has released several new devices that do not have it in the name, such as the Apple Watch, AirPods and Vision Pro.

At the end of May, journalists from The Information became aware of Apple’s plans for the iPhone 17. The device should turn out to be the most expensive iPhone in history.

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