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Disturbing text messages from the gas company.  It doesn’t have to be a scam, not everyone will get the message

Disturbing text messages from the gas company. It doesn’t have to be a scam, not everyone will get the message

Did the text message from the gas company worry you? It turns out that this time it is not an attempt to cheat or extort data, but an attempt to contact the Polish Gas Company. This is how PSG wants to receive information about the counter. What exactly is this about?

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa (PSG) announced in a press release on February 22 that it is starting to send SMS messages to selected customers. “They will be sent to recipients classified in the 3rd and 4th tariff groups,” the company said.

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sends text messages to customers. It’s about counters

According to PSG’s announcement, messages will be sent to recipients for whom the company’s representatives were unable to read the actual meter reading. “The purpose of these messages is to remind customers who are absent during the collector’s visit about the possibility of sending the gas meter status via e-mail,” it said.

PSG only contacts people whose meter has not been read in the last 12 months. The text messages contain detailed instructions on how to send the meter reading to their operator, as well as a photo confirming the actual gas consumption. PSG also published the content of the sample message.

“Due to the lack of access to the gas meter, we did not perform an actual reading. Therefore, please send PSG the meter reading along with a photo of the gas meter confirming consumption and the address of the consumption point by e-mail: [adres e-mail w domenie]. Applies to address: ……………… . If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: 22 444 33 33. Regardless of the message sent, readings are still carried out by collectors in accordance with the planned schedule,” reads the content.

Do we need to make the meter available for reading?

As PSG reminded, each recipient must make the gas meter available for reading during the collector’s visit. “Regular readings guarantee accurate settlements and increase the level of safety of gas use,” the company informs.

Source: Gazeta

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