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That’s a record!  Photovoltaics has crossed the technological border

That’s a record! Photovoltaics has crossed the technological border

The Chinese company Aiko Solar has set a new world record for the efficiency of a photovoltaic module. At the same time, she beat her own record from last year.

Last year, the Singaporean company Maxeon Solar Technologies presented solar panels with a record efficiency of 24.1%. Then, China’s Aiko Solar broke this record in May 2023. The conversion efficiency for the latest ABC (All Back Contact) solar module was 24.27 percent. In February, the Chinese company announced that it had exceeded the 25 percent limit.

China has set a new record for solar panel efficiency. The result was confirmed by the German company

After tests and certification carried out by the German company TÜV SÜD, it was confirmed that the efficiency of the Chinese company’s ABC modules is as much as 25.15 percent – writes the Chinese state newspaper “”. However, the company did not clarify whether the new record-breaking performance panels will be commercially available.

It is also unclear how conversion efficiency was improved. Aiko Solar, on the other hand, indicated that crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules exceeded the 25% efficiency limit for the first time.

The Chinese company wants to deliver its solar panels to Europe

In ABC panels, the contact connector is located at the back. They use copper instead of silver to metalize the cell, which allows, among other things, reduce production costs. Aiko Solar believes that ABC technology is the most efficient for industrial and commercial photovoltaics and for use in homes. The Chinese company started work on the ABC cell architecture in 2021, and in February 2024 it established cooperation with the Czech company SOLSOL, the aim of which will be to distribute ABC panels to Central and Eastern Europe.

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