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AliExpress has limited the sale of computers to Russia

AliExpress has limited the sale of computers to Russia

AliExpress users spoke about problems with PC delivery to Russia

AliExpress users from Russia spoke about a significant limitation in the supply of computers and other components on the site. This was reported by The Moscow Times. (recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent)).

Media journalists noticed that the Chinese trading platform has sharply reduced the number of PC components that can be ordered to Russia. According to experts, the corresponding goods are 50-70 percent less than a month ago. The authors attributed this to the fact that China’s three largest banks had previously stopped accepting payments from Russia.

AliExpress users noticed the reduction in assortment. “Five sellers with whom I constantly worked wrote to me that now they cannot ship processors and video cards to Russia – the resource simply does not allow them to do this,” said one entrepreneur involved in assembling computers. However, there were no official orders on this topic from the trading platform.

According to the publication’s correspondent, when trying to order an E5-2699 v4 processor on AliExpress, seven results are displayed, whereas in January there were more than 60. Moreover, when changing the region – for example, to Kazakhstan – offers appear again.

Earlier, General Director of First Group JSC Alexey Poroshin said that three of the four largest banks in China have stopped accepting payments from Russian sanctioned credit institutions since the beginning of 2024. Experts interviewed by Izvestia suggested that Chinese organizations fear secondary US sanctions.

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