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The doctor spoke about the health hazards caused by Apple Vision Pro

The doctor spoke about the health hazards caused by Apple Vision Pro

Izvestia: Apple Vision Pro can cause headaches and other problems

Doctor Vladislav Vorobievsky spoke about the potential health hazards from Apple Vision Pro glasses. Izvestia reports this.

Osteopathic doctor, reflexologist and rehabilitation specialist Vorobievsky said that first of all, gadgets can cause headaches. Patients suffer from neck pain because they tilt their heads as close to the devices as possible, he said. “The stronger the head tilt, the greater the load on the head stabilizer muscles, which are not designed for static load,” said the specialist.

“One tilt of the head costs several extra kilograms of load on the neck, but if you add a virtual reality helmet to them, then the development of Text Neck syndrome will be doubled,” emphasized Vladislav Vorobievsky. He noted that the Vision Pro weighs 600 grams, and the center of gravity of the headset is shifted forward. The device can also cause other problems – for example, limited mobility of the first cervical vertebra.

“Using Apple Vision Pro also affects the Vernier muscles. These muscles contribute to the cooperative movement of the head and eyes,” the doctor noted. According to him, virtual reality helmets also have the effect of a narrowed field of view. The specialist advised taking breaks when using the device and contacting doctors if health problems arise.

Earlier, Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman identified the shortcomings of the Apple Vision Pro and said that they would be corrected in the new generation of the device. According to him, the second generation of glasses will be released no earlier than in 18 months.

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