Sparks in Germany. Residents against the expansion of the Tesla factory

Sparks in Germany. Residents against the expansion of the Tesla factory

Sparks fly in Brandenburg. The vast majority of residents of the German commune where Tesla cars are manufactured are against the expansion of the factory. In the referendum, they voted against forest clearing.

The American manufacturer of electric cars in Brandenburg has aroused emotions from the very beginning. This is clearly visible from the results of the referendum that took place in one of the municipalities of this federal state and from the turnout. As many as 70 percent of eligible residents of Grünheide voted, and two-thirds of the voters were against the expansion of the Tesla factory.


Residents against forest clearing

170 hectares are needed for the enlarged Tesla factory, as well as additional warehouses, and most of it is forest. Forest clearing is the main reason for residents’ dissatisfaction. Already in the first stage of the investment, hundreds of hectares of trees disappeared. “The electric, or supposedly ecological, car is destroying our nature,” warn the inhabitants of Brandenburg. In turn, the state authorities believe that the expansion of Elon Musk’s plants is a very beneficial investment. Recently, the factory was forced to stop production. The reason was transport disruptions caused by Houthi rebel attacks on ships in the Red Sea, it says.

Tesla factory expansion? Production would increase to one million cars

The referendum is non-binding, but the Minister of Economy of Brandenburg, Jörg Steinbach, has already announced that the result will be taken into account in talks with the American investor in the coming weeks and months. In his opinion, the goal should be to dispel all concerns and doubts expressed by residents. Tesla’s Grünheide plant will start production in 2022. The factory in Germany can produce 500,000 cars a year. After expansion, these possibilities would increase to one million cars.

Source: Gazeta