Details of Apple’s smart ring revealed

Details of Apple’s smart ring revealed

9to5Mac: Apple has accelerated the development of a smart ring to compete with Samsung

Apple intends to introduce a smart ring in the coming months. This was reported by the Korean publication ET News.

Media journalists referred to an unnamed insider. According to him, the American company has accelerated the development of a smart ring; it could be presented in 2024. The authors also revealed details of the device – compact size, activity tracking options, smart functions.

According to experts, Apple became more active due to the announcement of a smart ring from Samsung in January. The corporation allegedly does not want to cede a potentially large market segment to a competitor. It is reported that it is for this reason that Apple has patented several variants of the device worn on the finger.

Journalists from 9to5Mac objected to the fact that Apple patents dozens of gadgets and technologies a year. “The idea that the launch of Samsung will affect the timing of any Apple announcement is especially stupid: the Cupertino company always operates on its own schedule,” the media authors emphasized.

Earlier it became known that Samsung planned to release the first smart ring in the summer. The device will be shown together with the Galaxy Watch 7 smartwatch.

Source: Lenta