Using the password “hawk”, she gave her life savings to the fraudsters. Police warn

Using the password “hawk”, she gave her life savings to the fraudsters. Police warn

A resident of Bielany transferred several dozen thousand zlotys to fraudsters posing as policemen. The perpetrators told her that the money on her bank account was at risk and must be paid immediately.

Impersonating a police officer or other services is a fairly common practice used by fraudsters. This time, their victim was an 80-year-old resident of Bielany, Warsaw. The woman gave her life savings to the perpetrators.


Another victim of the “cop” scam. The perpetrators planned everything carefully

First, the senior woman was called by a man who pretended to be a postal employee. He said he had two registered letters for her, but he couldn’t deliver them. The woman provided her exact address. About two hours later the phone rang again. This time, another man, pretending to be a policeman, convinced the senior that she had previously talked to fraudsters. He added that the “police” were working on a criminal group and planning an ambush. – He informed the woman that he had talked to the prosecutor, who said that the injured party would have to withdraw all the money from the bank – reports the deputy inspector. Elwira Kozłowska from the Bielany police station.

The senior obeyed this order. She went to the bank, where she withdrew a total of PLN 81,000. Then, the fraudster pretending to be a policeman called the woman again and told her that the paid banknotes came from the prosecutor and were marked. However, he assured that the savings were safe. In the evening, the woman gave all the money to the unknown man under the previously agreed password: “hawk”.

Due to the “copman’s method” method, seniors lost a total of PLN 25 million during the year. The police are sounding the alarm

Data obtained by “” indicate that over the last three years, nearly 12,000 victims of “grandson” or “policeman” fraud have fallen victim to fraud. people. In 2020, this number was 4 thousand, in 2021 – 4.1 thousand, and in 2022 – over 3.7 thousand. Data provided by the Warsaw City Hall indicate that in 2022 alone, fraudsters managed to extort over PLN 25 million from seniors.

Due to the situation, the police are issuing further warnings. – Remember that fraudsters are eager for money and will not hesitate to use any means of obtaining it, so never transfer money to given accounts or use links sent online. If someone informs us that criminals are waiting for our money, let’s end the conversation and call our bank, and it’s best to inform the police about such an incident by calling 112 – warns the deputy inspector. Kozłowska. – Let us remember that neither bank or post office employees nor police officers call us to ask about our address, account status or creditworthiness and do not ask for access data to bank accounts – he adds.

Source: Gazeta