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The Trusted Profile will be disabled.  “Due to service work.”  We know for how long

The Trusted Profile will be disabled. “Due to service work.” We know for how long

“Due to maintenance works, the Zaufany Profile will be temporarily unavailable,” the Ministry of Digital Affairs announced via social media. The technical break will last two calendar days. What will we not be able to do during this time and what are the alternative ways to do it?

is an electronic verification means that allows you to confirm your identity and sign documents using . It is used on a daily basis in many areas related to paperwork available in digital form. This feature will be temporarily unavailable in the coming days.

Technical break in the operation of the Trusted Profile. What will be unavailable?

As reported via website X, “due to maintenance works, it will be temporarily unavailable. The trusted signature service will also be inactive.”

This option will not be used from 8 p.m. on Friday (January 19) to 4 p.m. on Saturday (January 20). During this time, we can also forget about, among others:

  • logging in to the Online Patient Account and the mObywatel service (in the case of logging in via the Trusted Profile),
  • submitting numerous applications, including for 800 plus and the issuance of a European Health Insurance Card,
  • reporting the birth of a child,
  • downloading a copy of the civil status certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate,
  • reporting the loss or destruction of an ID card,
  • registering a business activity.

Alternatives to the Trusted Profile. You will find many functions in mObywatel

However, it is worth remembering that the Trusted Profile is not the only way to log in to government websites. In a crisis situation, we can help in this matter:

  • application (using QR code),
  • e-ID (requires an application or a proximity reader connected to a computer),
  • authentication in online banking (most banks have it).

Source: Gazeta

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