Wikipedia, the digital encyclopedia with articles on virtually every subject, word or person in the world, receives hundreds of millions of visitors every year. Of all the pages visited, one stands out.

This is the page ChatGPTthe chatbot artificial intelligence created by Open AI and launched at the end of 2022. During this year, artificial intelligence has influenced conversations about the future of technology and content generation, with ChatGPT being the main reference.

What not to ask or ask ChatGPT

Therefore, it is not surprising that this page has received 49.5 million views throughout the yearand became most popular on Wikipedia.

According to the platform, ChatGPT received between 100,000 and 400,000 visits in its English version.

Secondly, Wikipedia users also visited the page ‘Deaths in 2023‘, and collects 42.7 million visits. This is usually always one of the most viewed pages as it lists all the recognized people who have passed away during the year.

The third most viewed page on Wikipedia is ‘2023 Cricket World Cup, which was held in India this year. It has 38.2 million views so far. It is, in fourth place with 32 million visits, followed by the page ‘Cricket‘.

Positioned in fifth place ‘Oppenheimer‘, the film directed by Christopher Nolan and released this year.

These are the 25 most visited Wikipedia pages in 2023