Drive one automatic car may be preferred by many people because it is easier to use in traffic. However, these cars have features that you must master to ensure both your safety and the well-being of your vehicle.

One of the skills you must have to be able to drive an automatic is knows how to start it and park it. It’s not just about maneuvering the steering wheel, but also about paying attention to the gearbox.

‘Artificial intelligence will gradually transform the car’

Experts indicate that the first mistake when starting the vehicle is to put the lever directly into drive (D), while it is advisable to start with the vehicle in neutral before releasing the handbrake and putting the lever into drive (D) and thus start. the March.

Another mistake that is usually made when parking is positioning the car lever on (P) or mode parking while the car continues to move. This puts all the weight on the gearbox and can cause the car to brake suddenly before coming to a stop.

This action can not only cause parts of your gearbox to break, but also increases the risk of accidents.

Important tips for driving in heavy traffic and rain

How to park an automatic car

When you park your machine, you must first activate mode (N) or neutral on your lever. Than, activate the handbrake And release the brake pedal. Thereafter, set your lever to (P).

It is important to follow all these steps in order so that your car does not wobble and is not at risk of sliding down a slope. (JO)


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