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A large chain of electronics stores announces bankruptcy.  She has just opened a new store

A large chain of electronics stores announces bankruptcy. She has just opened a new store

Neonet announced bankruptcy. The chain of electronics stores has been operating on the Polish market since 2003 and has opened over 300 branches during that time. This move surprised the industry, especially since Neonet opened a new store this week.

– Currently, the competition is mainly between four players: RTV EURO AGD, Media Expert and Media Markt (…) These chains will compete in terms of the attractiveness of the offer, the number of stores and the appropriate size of the area, in line with current trends – he said in June in an interview with Andrzej Czarnecki, Expansion Director, Neonet. However, everything indicates that his company did not emerge victorious from this duel. At the end of November, it was written that Neonet had started “bankruptcy proceedings”.

Neonet declares bankruptcy

Neonet is a Polish chain of electronics stores founded in 2003 in Wrocław. Na boasts that it has over 300 branches in Poland. In the above-mentioned interview from June, Czarnecki said that he opens 20 to 30 stores a year. The last one was opened on November 30 in Kępno. However, the local describes that “some customers are being informed that they cannot complete orders.” Customers also appeared on social media complaining that the company was canceling orders because it “didn’t have enough equipment.”

On the Neonet website, we are greeted by information about great Christmas promotions, but there is no announcement of the end. We asked the network itself for a comment on whether Neonet will actually declare bankruptcy and what the process will be like, but we did not receive an answer before the publication of this article.

Neonet had a problem with energy prices

The portal, which was the first to write about Neonet’s bankruptcy, describes that “for some time now, reports have been available online that the company is conducting intensified relocation activities.” In June, Andrzej Czarnecki complained in an interview for Retailnet that the company’s biggest problem is high prices – The costs of maintaining stores are increasing, especially those related to electricity. (…) When TVs are turned on, they emit heat, which in turn requires intensive cooling of the surface. With this in mind, we have introduced, among others: a program of temporarily turning off the exhibition and reducing lighting intensity during hours of reduced visitation – he explained. However, there was no indication that the company would soon begin bankruptcy proceedings.

Source: Gazeta

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