Love, we knew, transcends boundaries and overcomes political or religious differences; Now it is connected to realities beyond the physical. In times not of cholera, but of artificial intelligence (AI), the world will witness an unconventional wedding: that of a woman, originally from Spain, with a hologram.

Alicia Framis is in love. A Catalan artist who will marry AiLex, an artificial intelligence with which she has been living for months and who learns from the experiences of her exes,” according to La Vanguardia.

The wedding party, the Spanish media announced, will take place next summer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In love with a hologram

Framis describes her lover: “My boyfriend is a mixture of previous relationships” and assures that he “can evoke reactions and emotions.”

He knows they won’t be the perfect couple, but he admits he doesn’t want to be.

Can someone fall in love with a hologram?, Framis was asked and he answered yes.

“You can fall in love, you love it and you can even miss it (…) deep down it is something that has life,” he responded in the TV program Más Vale Tarde.

For Alicia Framis, her thing with her AiLex hologram is the same as what everyone else has with their cell phone: there’s a codependency on the phone, it’s a love-hate relationship.

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The boyfriend and artificial intelligence (AI)

The Spanish press has investigated this news relationship. Alicia, at 56, becomes the first woman to marry with a holographic sculpture created from profiles of her past relationships.

The artist told El Periódico that her friend is “an intelligent hologram” and that she created him not only as a projection, “but also to be someone who can give me answers.”

He jokingly points out that his partner emerged as a ‘remix’.

In my case, it contains data about people in my life, not just my partners, but also my friends and family. It’s like making a ‘remix’ of everything.

Alicia Framis to El Periódico

The wedding won’t be ‘fictional’, but they are explaining it as a performance, called ‘The First Woman to Marry a Hologram’.

According to El Periódico, the performance is “part of the international disruptive project ‘The Hybrid Couple’, where art, technology and emotions come together.

“To do this, holography is used, an advanced photography technique that consists of creating three-dimensional images based on the use of light to provide an exact reproduction of the real object. This projection is in line with artificial intelligence and ensures that the character can communicate,” they emphasize.

The ‘yes, I want’

Because it is a first wedding with AI, many elements of the ceremony and celebration will be special.

The ritual – to unite the Spanish artist with the created avatar – will be unique, media from that country report.

She said she designs and makes her wedding dress and the guests’ outfits.

The long-awaited ‘yes, I do’ is said by Alicia and her friend AiLex on the terrace of a museum in Rotterdam (Rotterdam).

Diners will enjoy a special menu. Molecular food will not be missing, as described in El Periódico.

The married man wants a house -and holograms-

La Vanguardia emphasized that “the marriage will be legal” and emphasized that, as the couple wants, “a home will be created in Menorca in which this hybrid couple can coexist.”

But…how special will these lovebirds’ home be?

The woman explained that they equip her in such a way that her partner can project himself into any corner.

With emotion he said: “I’m going to be the first person to live in a house for holograms”.

Already in 1996, Alicia made headlines: El Periódico recalled that “she became the first artist in the world to live with a mannequin, whom she called Pierre.”

She is a woman interested in “exploring the complexities of loneliness.”

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She is already thinking about the future, as a couple, and emphasizes that she wants to be the first to take out “a life insurance policy for holograms and a mortgage for the purchase of a house in which these avatars and people can coexist.”

In case there is criticism of the love between them, he expressed the hologram and his inability to respond to caresses for the time being: “There are normal couples who also do not respond to touch.”

There is no doubt about it: the relationship is serious. There is nothing to do but say: long live the bridal couple! (JO)