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Smartphone shipments have collapsed

Smartphone shipments have collapsed

Counterpoint: smartphone shipments in Europe fell by 11 percent in the 3rd quarter

The supply of smartphones to the European market has collapsed. This is reported in the latest report from Counterpoint Research.

Smartphone shipments declined 11 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of 2023, according to the firm’s research. In Western Europe the decline was 8 percent, in Eastern Europe – 15 percent. According to experts, the decline is caused by ongoing economic and geopolitical problems.

Samsung remained the market leader, with a share of 32 percent. Apple was in second position with 24 percent, while Xiaomi was in third with 22 percent. Chinese manufacturers Realme and Honor also made it to the top.

“Q3 2023 saw the lowest third-quarter smartphone shipments since 2011,” said research analyst Harshit Rastogi. At the same time, the specialist noted the success of Chinese manufacturers who managed to gain a foothold in foreign markets: for example, Honor in Western Europe, as well as Tecno and Infinix in Russia. “Economic conditions continue to be tough, and people are upgrading their devices less frequently than ever,” said Jan Stryjak, deputy director of Counterpoint Research, in a statement.

Earlier, financial expert Vladimir Grigoriev said that it is better for Russians not to put off buying gifts for the New Year, but to do it now. “If a person is counting on inexpensive gifts, then it is better to take care of this in advance,” he noted.

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