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ALAB data leak.  New warning: hackers may have stolen data not only of this company’s customers

ALAB data leak. New warning: hackers may have stolen data not only of this company’s customers

NASK informed that – according to the analyzes – hackers stole not only patient data whose results were analyzed by ALAB. But they haven’t boasted about it yet. The problem may also be much broader than identity theft using the PESEL number.

So far, the hackers have published only a small part of the entire set of files (about 2%) that they claim to have. It is still approximately 55 thousand. results (belonging to 12,000 people) of tests ordered in three medical facilities – in Łomianki, Warsaw and Łódź. However, it turns out that if we have not performed the tests commissioned by ALAB, we do not have to be safe at all.

You didn’t do research at ALAB? Does not matter. The data could have leaked anyway

A team of cybersecurity experts from the NASK institute informed that the fact that we do not use ALAB services does not mean that our data was not among others. Specialists believe that the data of people who ordered tests from other companies’ facilities may also be in the hands of criminals. “The analysis showed that there was also theft of test results commissioned by other medical facilities not belonging to the ALAB group,” NASK said, quoted by PAP.

Fortunately, we can easily check whether our data has been leaked using the government It is worth noting, however, as he reminded, that the program detects leaks only in the case of data of people who have been published so far. Hackers swear that this is only a small sample (about 2%) of all the stolen information, and the next part will be released online on December 31.

What should you do and how to protect yourself? It’s not only about PESEL

in the database, because this tool is to be constantly updated. Experts also recommend that you reserve your PESEL in advance, even though banks and non-bank institutions still

It is also worth watching out for any suspicious messages in which the senders have a lot of knowledge about us. It cannot be ruled out that the hackers responsible for the attack on ALAB sold some of the data on the black market, which other cybercriminals and fraudsters will want to take advantage of. If only to gain our trust and ultimately extort money.

And this is not the end of the threats. Experts note that such sensitive data as the results of medical and laboratory tests are an ideal starting point for criminals to blackmail the victim of a data leak. The problem mainly affects well-known people whose data may have been leaked from ALAB, but it may affect anyone who has performed research and does not want to share their results with the world.

Source: Gazeta

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