The video of an impressive sunset went viral on social networks in the third week of November, because of the spectacular view it provided to residents traveling through the area of ​​​​the state of Florida in the United States.

In the audiovisual material published on X (formerly Twitter), you can see how the sky is divided into two parts: one is clear with orange and red tones; The other is a blue-gray and opaque shade, as reported by the Semana digital portal.

“Like a failure in the matrix”, “The programmers are laughing”, “the simulation is broken”, among other conspiracy theories, the users of the social network X wrote to the user @ronin19217435to define the visual effect that developed in the Florida sky.

Scientific explanation of the visual effect

What is shown in the video does not find an answer in a conspiracy theory, as it is a visual effect created by the projection of sunlight.

The phenomenon is called a split sunset. It occurs when the shadow of a large cloud below the horizon prevents sunlight from hitting others closer to the people observing from the ground, a Ludd publication reports.

According to a publication from the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it explains that “when low clouds take on bright hues, as often happens over the open ocean in the tropics, this is an indication that the lower atmosphere “is very clean and therefore more transparent than normal.”