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WhatsApp will get a new feature.  It’s just a pity that no one asked for it

WhatsApp will get a new feature. It’s just a pity that no one asked for it

Meta is working on another major feature that will soon be available in WhatsApp. The application will receive a dedicated chatbot that will be opened from the chat level. This is rather bad news.

For years, one of WhatsApp’s greatest advantages has been its light, simple and user-friendly interface. The application of the most popular messenger in the world is not overloaded with functions, so it is clear, works quickly and does not take up much space. This may change soon.

In WhatsApp you will talk to a chatbot. But why?

Now it turns out that WhatsApp will soon receive a new feature that will certainly cause controversy. The beta version of the Android application includes a chatbot, a feature that Meta announced some time ago. Using WhatsApp, we will be able to talk not only with friends, but also with artificial intelligence.

As he noted, a colorful icon resembling the logo of Microsoft’s Cortana service will appear in the Chats section of the application. After clicking, the user is transferred to a chatbot with which he or she can conduct a normal conversation, bombarding it with questions. The AI ​​shortcut will be available in a very visible place, just above the icon for starting new conversations.

The advantage is, of course, the fact that WhatsApp will allow us to quickly and easily find out the answers to our most troubling questions. On the other hand, why should we get to know them in WhatsApp, when similar functionality is offered today by many other services and manufacturers, including ChatemGPT, Google Bard and Microsoft Bing?

Let’s add to this the fact that the icon will be in a sensitive place (which means that some people may enter the chatbot by accident). And this is not the only novelty that may not be supported by a large part of users.

It is not clear when the chatbot will appear in the official, ready-made version of WhatsApp and will be available to everyone. Unofficially, it is said that this will happen in the next few weeks.

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