More than 65% of the artificial intelligence company’s workforce OpenAI -creator of ChatGPT- has threatened to do so resigns and his former CEO Sam Altman followsto Microsoft If the board of directors that fired him last Friday does not resignaccording to various American media.

Microsoft will forcefully enter artificial intelligence from Sam Altman, former director and co-founder of OpenAI

In an open letter, more than 500 of the company’s approximately 770 employees have called for the resignation of the current members of the board of directors and the reinstatement of San Altman and Greg Brockman to the company, after The first was fired by surprise last Friday and the second resigned after hearing the news.

If they don’t, the signatories will resign from their positions and join the new artificial intelligence (AI) department that San Altman will lead at Microsoft, where the tech company has guaranteed them a job.

“Your actions have made it clear that you are unable to oversee OpenAI. We cannot work for or with people who lack the skills, judgment and care for our mission and our employees,” they wrote in the letter.

Creating the successor to the mobile phone, the challenge in which artificial intelligence will be integrated

Together with the ultimatum to the board, The employees also proposed the appointment of Bret Tayler and Will Hurd as the company’s new independent directors.

Among the signatories of this letter are the director of technology, Watch Murati; COO Brad Lightcap; and the chief scientist and member of the board of directors, Ilya Sutskever, who has also apologized for his participation in the body’s decision.

The publication of this letter comes after OpenAI announced the departure of Sam Altman as CEO and member of the board of directors last Friday, prompting Brockman’s complaint to the tech company’s presidency.

After their departure, Microsoft announced Monday that it will hire both executives to lead the launch of a new AI division. (JO)