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Apple explained the choice of Google as a search engine for iPhone

Apple explained the choice of Google as a search engine for iPhone

Apple said it sees no alternative to the Google search engine

Apple has given an explanation regarding the choice of Google as the base search engine for the iPhone. This was reported by The Verge.

The comments were made by Apple executive Eddie Cue during a meeting during the antitrust trial between the US Department of Justice and Google. According to Cue, Google pays Apple billions of dollars a year to make their system the default on the iPhone. The last time Apple and Google agreed on this was in 2016.

Eddie Cue also noted that the company did not see a good alternative to Google when they installed it as the default search engine, and still do not see it. “We choose the best option, but make it easy for users to change it,” a spokesperson said.

Q said that the two companies agreed to allow Apple smartphone owners to use Google without logging in to the system. When asked why Apple doesn’t allow you to select a search engine when you turn on your iPhone for the first time, Cue replied that in this way his company made the setup process as fast as possible.

In May, it became known that Apple and Google would team up to protect users from surveillance. The corporations said they will develop a specification with which they will fight against tracking users through Bluetooth beacons and trackers.

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