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Apple’s rejection of the popular line of smartphones explained

Apple has not named its new smartphones iPhone 12s due to marketing. This is reported by the Phonearena edition.

The journalists told why, in their opinion, the American company refused to release the iPhone with the S postfix in the name. The authors noted that the last time Apple followed this practice was in 2018 when it announced the iPhone Xs line. According to experts, this is due to marketing and user habits.

The authors believe that among consumers, the S particle in the name of the device may indicate that this smartphone is not very different from the previous one. “The smartphone seems to say:” I am a small update. You can skip me if you have last year’s iPhone, “- explained the journalists. According to experts, the use of S in the name may negatively affect the popularity of the device on sale.

Also, experts recalled what minor innovations appeared in S-smartphones. For example, the iPhone 3Gs debuted the ability to record video, iPhone 4s – Siri and an eight-megapixel camera, iPhone 5s – the first 64-bit processor and Touch ID, iPhone 6s – high-resolution cameras. Released in 2018, the iPhone Xs differed from the iPhone X only in a more powerful chip and a larger battery.

In early 2021, Chinese sources mistakenly assumed that Apple would release the iPhone 12s instead of the iPhone 13. This decision was explained by the fact that the new smartphones are not much different from the devices of 2020.

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