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Samsung has installed Russian applications on British smartphones

Samsung mistakenly suggested that users from the UK install Russian-language applications. It is reported by BBC News.

Journalists became aware of a resident of Great Britain, Andrew Edmans, who was offered to install Russian applications on his smartphone. The man said that he bought a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 at a flea market and tried to customize the device for himself. When the smartphone was launched for the first time, an inscription appeared on the screen stating that Samsung invites the user to install a number of applications that, at the request of the legislation of the Russian Federation, are included in the list of programs that must be preinstalled.

Edmans contacted the support of the Korean company but received no prompt response. A few days later, he dialed the technical support number again and received an official apology from a Samsung employee. “We can confirm that the specified message was incorrect and was transmitted to a limited number of customers in the UK due to a technical error,” the company explained.

One way or another, the user believes that Samsung has not solved his problem. “All I know is that as of this morning, my device still claims to have an update for the Russian Federation,” Edmans summed up.

The law on the compulsory pre-installation of domestic programs on smartphones and other devices came into effect on April 1. Earlier, Samsung was caught installing non-removable Russian applications on its gadgets. Representatives of the company explained this step by fears of being accused of non-compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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