A message for all immigrants, in the voice of a character who lives in the minds of millions of Spanish-speaking viewers, was launched this weekend by the US Embassy in Mexico.

This is Kiko, still wearing his sailor outfit. He has grown and looks attentive: with his specialness insult from “rabble” and the expression “Go away, go away, you’re making me desperatespeaks very seriously about the damage that human traffickers or coyotes do to irregular migrants.

Kiko, the son of Doña Florinda who lives in the famous Chavo del Ocho neighborhood and plays with a cart and a truck (trailer), asks migrants not to fall into the hands of coyotes (coyoteros).

On a table, Kiko starts a toy cart and trailer and they cause an accident along the way.

“The coyote mob always leaves you stranded”claims in his most serious attitude the beloved character, created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños and characterized more than five decades ago by Mexican comedian Carlos Villagrán.

“Everyone was destroyed,” Kiko says in the video for the migrants

The accident is shocking: a crash occurs and then the car overturns. The trailer falls on top of the cart and Kiko complains: “Everyone is devastated.”

An Ecuadorian is among more than fifty people killed as a result of a trailer accident in Mexico

“We need to talk to the ambulance,” he says immediately, putting his hands to his head.

A medical support unit quickly arrives on the scene and Kiko repeats in his powerful message:

-My God, everything is destroyed.

-The coyote mob always leaves you behind. It’s better to tell them to go away, to leave.

“Go away, go away, Go away, you make me desperate (message to the coyotes) and then legally enter the United States,” he added.

At the end of the video the hashtag #CruzaLegal appears and they invite you to download the CBP One application.

This is the false information shared on social networks about CBP One’s immigration application

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Like this or more realistic.

Julio Patiño felt this way when he watched Kiko’s video

Migrants in the hands of coyotes and traffic accident victims

On August 22, 2023, a collision occurred between a passenger bus and a truck on the Tehuacán-Oaxaca highway, killing 16 migrants and injuring 36, TeleSur reported at the time.

Meanwhile, EFE stated that last July, Mexican authorities found 303 migrants packed into boxes of Torton trucks and a tractor-trailer, a situation that is constantly repeating itself on Mexico’s various roads.

On repeated occasions, migrants have been reported to travel clandestinely, hidden in trucks, in overcrowded conditions and subjected to abuse by ‘polleros’, as human traffickers are known, El Universo published on August 23.

On the Mexican side, the National Migration Institute networks are also urging people to turn a deaf ear to the coyoteros with the hashtag #YaBastaTraficante and posts like this: “The lives of migrants matter! “It is enough to violate their physical and emotional integrity” and “#YaBastaTraficante to profit and endanger the lives of men and women by forcing them to travel in extremely dangerous conditions.”

“Walk, you are 10 minutes from the United States”: Two migrants are rescued in a desert area after being abandoned for 30 hours by the coyotero who promised to help them cross the border